How Much Lutein Should One Take Each Day?

Published: 04th January 2010
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Though the substance, lutein, is very strange for many people, many facts have proved that it is crucial for the health of people's visions.
In fact, macular degeneration is caused by the insufficiency of lutein. So many people wonder how much to intake such substance each day is ideal. Here is some information about this question.

Lutein is a very strong antioxidant that usually exits in many foods, as fruits, vegetables, and egg, etc. But sometimes, it is impossible to intake sufficient amount of lutein by eating some foods.

Why is lutein crucial for the health of our eyes? The answer is when people get old; the lutein in their eyes will diminish. And this process is called macular degeneration which will gradually result in complete blindness. Such disease can cause great pressure onto these old people.
In fact, there is a method that can assure sufficient dosage of lutein, in addition to foods. That is to take some supplements that can be gained in the market. One can choose these supplements of any types as he needs. Such as, multi supplements can provide more minerals and vitamins, not lutein only.

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