A New Experience on Purchasing Eyeglasses Online - The Virtual Try on System

Published: 08th January 2010
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Though more and more people choose to purchase eyeglasses online because of its convenience and low price, the number is still small when compared with whole sales in the traditional eyewear market. The main reason why people hesitate to buy eyeglasses online is that they cannot try them on, and also they do not know the practical effect when wearing eyeglasses. Only those who have already bought the same kind eyeglasses on the traditional retailer are willing to purchase eyewear online as they know if this kind of eyeglasses it suitable for them or not.

With the development of online eyewear selling, some online shops provide the 360 degree viewing of the item. However, this is not enough as the simple description of one item only cannot give realistic feeling to customers, and that factor may be the main impediment to the rapid growth of online eyewear purchase.

Fortunately, the virtual try on system is invented in time so as to deliver a breakthrough on the online eyewear industry. The technology is achieved by uploading images of a customer's face into the website conveniently, so any type and any color of eyeglasses can be tried effectively and practically.

When using the virtual try on system, you need to upload your frontal image to the website, if you don't have the frontal picture at hand, you can use the model picture on the internet. Then enter your papillary distance in the pupil distance field, and zoom in or out your photo according to the ruler to place your eyes in the right position. If your face is not oriented vertically, you can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise of the photo until the picture is in the perfect position. After that you can try on every pair of eyeglasses available as you like. It is of great convenience and interest because you can know what you would look like when wearing different types of eyeglasses.

Also, you can save the photo based on the final effect of the eyeglasses wearing on you to computer, or you can share this photo with your family or friends to know their attitudes and get their suggestions. How easy it is! You do not have to go to the eyeglasses shop to try the eyeglasses by yourself but knowing which kind of eyeglasses is a most suitable pair.

Furthermore, the try on system is quite good for those with serious eye problems. As we know, more than 40 million people in US cannot see clearly in mirror when they try on the new frames with blank lenses. The virtual try on system enables customers to view new frames on their faces in a vivid way without having to remove their original eyeglasses, but you should be sure that the photo that you give does not have any facial distortion.

However, in the virtual try on system, you are supposed to know your papillary distance first. Only in that way, you can choose an appropriate pair of eyeglasses. The facts that system will only show you the effect about whether the frame looks good on you or not but cannot provide the information about whether the eyeglasses fit you perfectly or not should be paid attention to. If you want to get a pair of comfortable eyeglasses, you are recommended to check the dimension lists on each pair of eyeglasses carefully according to your prescription.

If you never use the virtual try on system, I suggest you to have a try because it is a thing full of interest and surprise. Even if you do not have to wear eyeglasses to correct your vision, you may find your favorite eyeglasses without prescription because the fashionable and charming look of eyeglasses wearing in the system must intrigue your interest on wearing eyeglasses as a fashionable accessory. I am sure the virtual try on system will not disappoint anyone of you. Have a try and enjoy yourselves.

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